C a t h e r i n e N o o n e.

B i o g r a p h y .

Hi! I'm Catherine Noone and I am currently living in the North West of England. Having gained both BA(Hons) and MA degrees in Illustration and Animation, I continued to explore this field within the world of work and currently an animator and illustrator at a company called Fuzzy Duck in MediaCityUK, Salford. Here I work on a range of tasks from storyboarding, to character design and also animation itself in many different styles.  

In my personal time, however, portraits are my favourite thing to work on. Black and white being my strong point, I am inspired by realism tattoo designs and like to incorporate this into my drawings where possible. 

Besides from portraits, I still try to just be playful and have fun with my creativity as I enjoy using many different mediums from collage to masking tape models for animation. 

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